Friday, 26 June 2009

Gremory Scorn: One's Scorn Every Minute

And so it came to pass that Gremory Scorn was made mortal and tasked with fathering the first of ten and the tenth would bring the end. He would raise a great patriachy of male heirs and each would bare the trait of evil.

Gremory stretched in his new form. He detected a love of lobster, classical music and the colour black lingering from the host. All business and keen to shed the meat sack sim he had been crammed into he headed for a Temple of narcassism and self love – the gym. Around him, many female sims preened and pranced and Gremory began to move among them. However, his chat up lines delivered in a voice that could crush gravel seemed to frighten many of the female sims. Apparently 'do you want to be plump with my seed' and 'What do you think of The Devourer if it's a boy?' are not winning chat up lines.
And then he found Erin. Whispering in his arcane tongue Gremory promised Erin knowledge, power and treasure and she was enthralled. 'Later, vessel' and Gremory waltzed off giving Erin once last lingering look. Hook, line and sinker.

The gym filled Gremory with much amusement at the mortal sims falling off their treadmills but didn't quite touch him in his 'special place'. Fortunately (for Gremory) the partner of one of the females who had rejected Gremory headed into the bathroom area. Remove a rival for a female and partake in some old fashioned voilence? Yes please. Waiting in a nearby stall Gremory clicked his new mortal knuckles. And then he was upon the young man, striking him in the face. Who knew striking out with mortal hands could feel SO GOOD?! But before landing the final blow Gremory was filled with knowledge. This man, VJ, had the evil trait to! Bwahahah! In exchange for his life VJ pledged himself to his attacker to be called upon to grant him one dispicable favour.

That night Erin came to him. Gremory had spent the cash he had found in the mortal forms wallet on a double bed, appropriate lighting and a spookily marked doorway. Against Erin's better judgement she was seduced by Gremory. After one day on the mortal plain Gremory had seduced and impregnated a vessel! That's worth a promotion and a corner office in hell for sure!

In the dawn of the next day Gremory looked at Erin sleeping next to him and decided that putting all his victims in one steaming hot pot was never his style and headed back to the gym to eat, rinse off the pretty love hearts from the night before and seduce another vessel. Gremory had become very good at saying the right thing and avoiding using words like 'spawn' to the ladies. Within miinutes a mortal sim named Sunny was in his arms and ready to give herself to him completely. That night Gremory, the satanic love machine, lay with Sunny and another female of Sunset Valley was pregnant.

Indulging himself in his need for the illicit Gremory offered his services to the criminal employment track ruled over by a self styled Emperor of Evil. Not quite a duke of hell like Gremory but no mortal should hold more power than he! On that first day at work Gremory encountered an emmnisary from the Angels: an officer of the law! No bribes, no excuses were heard and Gremory found himself behind bars. While he set about recruiting every low life Sim he could Erin gave birth.
Gremory left prison (know known as 'The Gremory Scorn Employment Agency') and rushed to meet his children. Filled with wicked excitement to meet his newely born beasts that brought evil one step closer to armageddon he threw open the doors of Erin's home and found . . .
Jordan and Angelica Kennedy. His twin daughters. Gurgling, happy babies. And one of them named after an ANGEL! Tapping into the mortal host Gremory raised his hand and uttered 'It's not you, it's me, let's be friends' and with a wicked smile, a quick candy swipe and a skip in his step he left Erin to fend for his two daughters alone.
Wishing to keep a closer eye on his future children he worked harder at his criminal employment mugging his way up to thug and furnishing the home to make it more attractive to Sunny. Inviting her to move in she agreed. But the words Gremory said in his sleep frightened her greatily, whispers of dark deeds and hopes. She felt compelled to write everything down in a novel she called 'The Devils Trap'. She found that while she felt nauseous as expectant mothers do Gremory would wander casually past her with pancakes strangely amused at her suffering. He seeminly doted on the children within barely giving her a look.
It was a day later that Sunny was raised from her slumber by contractions and called for Gremory.
Twins were born that day. A true heir among them. The new parents held one twin each in their arms. Bathed in crimson light, Gremory looked down at Azazel, sleeping heavily and evil through and through. Azazel was the second of ten. In front of Gremory cooing at the second child and bathed in golden light was Sunny holding the second twin Malphas. The babies gurgles sounded like music to her parents ears and phroposiced the coming of a great muscician. But it was the second trait which made Gremory darken.

Malphas was good. And he and his mother had never been more in danger . . . . .


  1. this is really good and creative, continue

  2. oh my goddd, that was really good. i absolutely adored it, can't wait for the next Scorn chapter. off to read the Hallow one now^^
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