Friday, 26 June 2009

Cassiel Hallow: Falling in love or just plain fallen?

And so it came to pass that Cassiel Hallow was made mortal and tasked with fathering the first of ten and the tenth would bring the light. He would raise an heir, a son or daughter which would bare the trait of good.

Cassiel Hallow stared forlornly at the sky above him. No voice rang out in his head anymore, a gospel call to action. He would have to find his own way. The mortal form was accomodating and Cassiel suddenly had the urge to eat Key Lime pie and listen to electronica. The mortal's wallet contained little money but possessions were of little interest to Cassiel.

His task weighed heavy on him. How to go about fathering the first heir? Pick a woman, any woman seemed like a very unvirtuous way to go. What should he do? Wait to fall in love? Such a small human emotion. Once again Cassiel listened for help but there was only silence.
Employment! That's the way forward! Cassiel's whole existence had been about his work. Becoming involved with those around him would give him purpose. The logical choice, working to protect and serve. Within 2 days Cassiel found promotion coming thick and fast.
And the voice of authority he so longed for returned. His boss, Justine was a constant accompanyment via his mobile, giving him orders and nuturing his insationable need for direction. Suprisingly to Cassiel she also began to provide him with something else he needed. Such a smart, good person who knew her own way and valued her own time alone. Cassiel felt such affinity with this mortal and longed to be with her more and more.
They ventured out into Sunset Valley together, to the beach and the glen. After one particularly passionate chess match, which made the game in The Thomas Crown Affair look like drunken tiddlywinks, Cassiel reached out and touched her cheek, fixed her with his yellow eyes and they were both lost to love.
Cassiel was in rapture! To be able to complete his mission with someone he loved and without betraying his purity was a miracle. And then Justin told him about Marty.
Her husband. Father to her child, Elliott.
Cassiel was in such crisis! He held the families future in his hands. Something slipped from his grasp as he asked her, “Break up with him”. Justine complied and Cassiel fell a little.
The next few days were full of moving in and laughter tinged with regret. There shared guilt led them to one night of passion and as the hearts fell a choir sang of the coming birth.
Cassiel threw himself into his work to support his expectant wife. Justine became strangely drawn to painting throughout the day and her pictures felt alive, protents of the what was to come. Who was this strange white figure surrounded by coloured light? She absentmindedly stroked her growing bump and realised the answer.

One day she awoke from a ferocious dream, all heat and darkness and a whispered threat “He will now allow the unborn to become born”. Something so opposite to Cassiel was threatening their baby! In alarm she noticed that the smell of burning from her dream persisted and noticed the house was on fire!! Justine valiently leapt to her feet with new strength to fight the fire, filled from within with strength. The fire moved closer and closer to her, inches away. As it was about to envelop her a firefighter came from nowhere to assist and doused the flames, grumbled at her and ran into the day!

Who set the fire? Was it Marty, her ex husband? Or something worse? No time to contemplate. The baby was coming!

Twins were born that day. No heir was chosen, Cassiel's mission forgotten as he looked at the smiling faces of Ariel and Ambriel, his twin daughters. Both carried the trait of his angelic line, that of goodness. Ariel looked at Ambriel and reahed out to her and smiled at her parents which suggested she would be a good friend in the future. Even Ambriels crying was heavenly music to her parents ears, a gifted muscian no doubt.

What lies in the twins future and in whose hands does it rest?


  1. I love how this is loosely based on my favorite show Supernatural. This is the most attractive Sims 3 stories around. I like very much. :) Keep it up.

  2. >> are you going to keep doing this? i just realized the dates of everything, and it makes me a little sad to think that i wont get to read the end.