Saturday, 20 June 2009

Chapter 1: Cast out and away

" . . . and with the tenth child will come the end and his bloodline will be the dam which stems the tide . . . "

Introducing the Founders

Cassiel Hallow. Cast down.

An angel (good) of solitude (loner) and tears (over-emotional) who endlessly watches the events of the cosmos unfold (workaholic) and presides over the deaths of important sims. His wings reshaped to a white plume of mortal hair and made to be sim. A volunteer (brave) to start the legacy that will stem the tide . . . . of evil.

Gremory Scorn. Cast up.

A duke (snob) of hell (evil) and governor of 13 legions of sim demons. He coverts the love of other Sims (flirty) and spreads his version of the truth about the past, present and future and talk of hidden treasure to rapt, seduced sims. (Charismatic). His rage (Hot-headed) at being crammed into a mortal meat sack to start the legacy is only slightly quelled at the thought of consuming the dripping tap of good!

Hallow VS Scorn is the tale of two rival legacies racing to bring about a tenth generation. Both legacies take place in the same part of Sunset Valley just out of sync of each others realities.

Coming soon . . . . .

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